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Stripes -Bardiglio Vases by Paolo Ulian-2022 paolo Ulian
design: paolo Ulian
production: Bufalini Marmi
year: 2022
colour: Gray
materials: Marble Bardiglio
conditions: Excellent
codice: 1004

Stripes - Vases – 2022 – Design Paolo Ulian

The first thing that catches the eye in this series of vases is the extremely thin thickness of the marble, about 2 mm, which makes them surprisingly light and transparent. They are all made from a 2-cm-thick flat slab from which thin concentric rings are obtained by waterjet cutting, which are overlapped to create the various shapes and proportions of the vases. All the rings to make a series of six vases of different heights can be obtained from a single slab of about 50 x 50 cm, with a considerable saving of material used and processing waste. They are available in different types of marble that can also be combined in each of the different shapes.