Vintage / Lighting

Stripes-Table Aphion lamps – 2022-Design Paolo Ulian paolo Ulian
design: paolo Ulian
production: Bufalini Marmi
year: 2022
colour: WHITE
materials: APHION MARBLE
conditions: EXCELLENT
codice: 1003


Stripes - Hanging and table lamps – 2022 – Design Paolo Ulian

Extremely lightweight and transparent lamps, with a thickness of just 3 mm.  The diffuser and the inner part of the lamp holder are both made entirely of marble. Their three-dimensional shape is created from a 2 cm thick flat slab of marble from which thin concentric rings are obtained by waterjet cutting, which are overlapped to create the various shapes and proportions of the lamps. The cutting process has been designed to obtain several lamp sizes from the same series of concentric cuts. This choice allows a considerable reduction in the amount of marble used and in processing waste. They are available in different types of marble that can also be combined in each of the different shapes.